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Tips To Care Yourself After Childbirth

postnatal_care4Birth is a normal physiologic process, but during the days and weeks that follow the baby's arrival, your body must go through a period of healing. In fact, it may take up to a year before your body completely returns to its pre-pregnancy state. Although there are a couple of differences between healing after a vaginal birth versus a cesarean birth, the general healing process holds true for both types of delivery. Several factors can affect this healing, including your general health, nutritional status, and degree of fatigue or stress.

Soon after the baby is born, the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus and is expelled. The area where the placenta was attached is very much like an open wound that must be healed. Fortunately, your body gets to work quickly. Within minutes after birth, the uterus contracts tightly to seal off the open blood vessels on the uterine wall at the placental site. These uterine contractions, sometimes called "after pains," may be felt as strong cramping sensations for the first couple of days but will then diminish. You may experience these sensations during breastfeeding, as nipple stimulation promotes uterine contractions. You can take an analgesic (pain relief) medication if these cramps are too uncomfortable.

postnatal_care3Giving childbirth is really a gift of god to women. You might have come across many difficulties while you are pregnant and at the time of childbirth. After the delivery you should be very careful for some days to regain the health and to come out of the experiences.

» It is important to collect all the information about the childbirth. It is important to make proper preparations for cord blood banking. You have to breast feed your child after an hour of birth and confirm your relationship. It is important to undergo all the necessary medical checkups before you leave to home.

After childbirth and returned to home it is advised to take ample rest and retrieve the regular body. But it is no use of feeling about the weight loss at the time of pregnancy and childbirth.

» It is better to follow the exercises prescribed by the doctor to get rid of the stretch mark on the stomach.

» It is common to every woman to have some doubts regarding the period’s problem after childbirth and possibility to work. It is recommended that you should get rid of all the worries. The concentration should be totally on your health and take care of your baby.

postnatal_care2» It is nature, there are many queries wondering around you. You might have gained some weight during the pregnancy; it can be compensated through proper exercises. To get rid of stretch marks there are many medicated creams available in the market and you can apply it. There are some possibilities of hair loss in the period of pregnancy because of hormonal changes. The main query is about the sex. Is it possible to have sex after childbirth? What is the duration?

» It is advisable to consume contraceptive while making sex after childbirth. It should be after getting the suggestions from the doctors. Most of the doctors advise to have sex only after four to six months after childbirth. There should be a sufficient gap to recuperate from the pregnancy experience.

» It is possible to gain 25 to 40 pounds of weight during pregnancy. After childbirth you may lose around 14 pounds. It is very important to lose the remaining weight as early as possible. It is advisable to go through tummy tucks and breast treatments. After giving birth you can not be able to maintain the breast as earlier, because you have to feed the baby. But it is possible through some breast treatments and breast lifting operation. It is also possible with breast expansion with the help of body tissues.

» To get flat stomach it is important to undergo abdominoplasty and tummy tuck operation. It is also possible following some proper diet and exercise. At the time of pregnancy your body tissues would experience tearing and stretching