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4d_sonography_01Sonography is a non invasive imaging modality using sound waves and is extremely safe even in pregnancy as it does not involve any radiation. Sonography has applications for the entire body from head to toe. Male or femal, from infant to adult, throughout your lifetime, sonography can play an important role in your healthcare. Indeed, versatile, safe, non-invasive and yet effective, the importance of ultrasonography in medicine cannot be underplayed.

Ultrasonography enables to detect and investigate:

» all diseases of the organs of the abdominal cavity in early stages

» tumors of uterus and ovaries and abnormalities of reproductive organs

» maturation of eggs and changes of endometrium in different stages of menstrual cycle

» early pregnancy, including entopic pregnancy

» development of fetuses and possible malformations of fetuses

» position of the fetus, position of the placenta in the uterus and changes in it.

Sonography_02» It is also possible to estimate the quantity of amniotic fluid, evaluate heart function and breathing movements of the fetus.

» Harmonic imaging, spectral, color and Doppler imaging, Compound Resolution Imaging

» High-resolution 2D, volumetric 3D and real-time 4D imaging

» Carotid colour doppler & Transcranial doppler

» Peripheral arterial & venous colour doppler

» Abdominal Colour Doppler

» Pregnancy Colour doppler