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Third Month

Pregnancy: Month-by-Month Pregnancy Guide - Third Month

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By the end of the third month, you should be beginning to perk up a bit if you've experienced fatigue. Morning sickness and frequent urination should both begin to subside. At around twelve weeks, you should have your first visit to the antenatal clinic. Remember, you are entitled to paid leave for antenatal checkups and classes. A number of tests and scans are done between 11 and 13 weeks. Your first ultrasound may be done at this time to determine the baby's age. Other tests which screen for possible birth defects can include a nuchal translucency scan or a chorionic villus sampling.


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By twelve weeks, your developing baby is about 3 inches long and still weighs less than an ounce. His eyes are completely formed and his fingers and toes are becoming distinct. His genital organs can be seen quite clearly with an ultrasound an his internal organs are functioning.