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Pregnancy Counselling

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If you are planning a pregnancy remember that the first thing to do is to meet your gynaecologist & tell them about your plans & ask for advice regarding the following :

» Fertility period

» Preconception Folic acid 5mg tablets once daily.

» Confirm whether you have received the Measles vaccine (MMR) in the past, if not take it now.

» Preconception risk evaluation after taking a detailed history regarding family history of hereditary diseases or mental retardation in any family member.

» Age related risk evaluation of down's syndrome.

» Screening for infections like HIV, HbSAg etc., for both husband & wife.

» Screening for hereditary diseases like Thalassemia or Haemophilia.

» Other basic tests to treat simple problems like anaemia or genital infections.

Thus with a few of these points in mind, a couple now finds it easier to plan a pregnancy with lesser risk factors or at least risk factors that can be taken care of prior to pregnancy.