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Joys of Child Birth

joy_childbirthBefore women went to the hospital to have their babies, birthing babies was accepted as a normal and natural part of life.  With the involvement of the hospital atmosphere, women began to view childbirth as frightening, mysterious and even dangerous.  In reality, childbirth is not dangerous - it can be compared to any of the physiological processes like sleeping, eating, etc.  Just as the body allows the baby within the body all through pregnancy naturally, childbirth also happens quite naturally.

Women who trust their body's ability to give birth are automatically guided by an inner strength.  In today's times, it is a challenge for the mother to develop confidence, to trust her intuition and to allow nature to perform effectively.

You must have heard about the nightmarish labour pains, but what about the intense joy and pleasure that you experience as the baby enters into this world!  Women who birth their babies being confident and relaxed at the same time, experience an inner strength that gives them the capacity to manage the labour pains.  Going through labour and birth, rather than adopting shortcuts, allows a woman to feel the interweaving of joy and pain, to put in her very best and then bask in the happiness radiating from that incredible achievement!

Childbirth is the most fantastic adventure a mother can have.  The major hurdles in this experience are fear of the unknown, loss of control and increased body tension during childbirth that will exaggerate the pain.  This "fear-tension-pain" circle has an influence on the labour contractions.  It inhibits the progress of labour and gives rise to a lot of discomfort.

Getting prepared for childbirth will give you the correct knowledge of what is going to happen during labour and also how to work effectively to advance labour.  Knowing how to cooperate with your body's natural processes will make things a lot easier.

Thus, by enrolling in childbirth classes (also called antenatal or Lamaze classes), you will be able to recognize the strength that has flowed through women since the beginning of time and you will be proud to share the same courage and determination.  You will bask in the serenity of participating in an event as old as life itself and as new as the love for your child.  Birthing a child is a precious gift, an experience you will cherish your entire life.

Regardless of whether labor is long or short, whether it is hard or easy whether a baby is born vaginally or by cesarean, most parents recall the first hours and days after birth as crystal-clear images surrounded by haze. It is in this haze that you first take in your baby and make a giant leap from pregnancy to parenting.

Despite all the anticipatory parenting done before conception and during pregnancy, despite weeks of feeling movement within and fantasizing about your baby, despite months of having strange dreams, worrisome thoughts, and musings about what kind of parent you will be, the first time you hold your baby in your arms and call yourself mother or father, mama or papa, mommy or daddy, an awareness floods over you that life will never be the same again. Another human being is now dependent upon you for survival. More than anything else, you want to be the best parent possible.

Your awareness of your baby's dependency and your desire to be a good parent will together be a great source of energy and a great source of stress. Both are part of being a parent.

Becoming a good parent means much more than knowing a lot about babies. Ask pediatric doctors or nurses what it was like for them to be new parents. They will tell you that all their knowledge about babies was not enough to keep them from being over whelmed by their own babies. All new parents feel the same way. All new parents work at knowing, understanding, and loving their babies. Your baby will work just as hard at learning to know, understand, and love you. This is the process of attachment-the work that parents and babies do together to form a deep and lasting love. It is what becoming a family is all about.