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Heart Disease

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The most common types of heart diseases are rheumatic heart disease & then congenital heart disease.

Grading of cardiac disease

Patient who has cardiac disease, but it does not limit her physical activity.
Patient who has cardiac disease but it gives her problems on exertion.
Patient who has cardiac disease and it causes her discomfort while doing her daily activities.
Patient who has cardiac disease and is uncomfortable even at rest.

Effect of Heart Lesions on Pregnancy:

Intrauterine growth retardation of baby.
Preterm delivery (delivery before time) Premature baby (baby born before time).
Pregnant woman with cardiac problem may have a fatal out come at
28-32 weeks of pregnancy.
During labour.
Immediately following delivery or
At the end of 1st week after delivery.


Early diagnosis and evaluation of the functional grading of the disease.
To prevent, to detect and to give effective treatment.
To prevent & control additional complications like, anemia, toxaemia, infection or excessive weight gain.
Hospital delivery is a must.

Antenatal Management:

Check ups every two weeks upto 28 weeks then weekly. Cardiologists opinion is taken.

Patient should
Take adequate rest.
Avoid exertion.
Cold and cough & other infections are to be avoided.
Avoid over excitement of any kind.
Avoid rich or spicy food..
Anaemia is to be corrected.
Adequate dental care to has to be taken.


Admission to hospital is done according to grade of disease.

Grade I
Two weeks before delivery the woman is admitted.
Grade II
At 28 weeks the woman is admitted.
Grade III & IV
As soon as diagnosis is made she has to be admitted..
Patient may have to be admitted in emergency if
Condition of the woman deteriorates.
Appearance of breathlessness, cough etc.
On appearance of pregnancy related complications like anaemia, toxaemia etc.